Jewelry Tips

Even pure metal requires a little maintenance. We have compiled a few tips to help you maintain a lustrous and captivating look throughout the years.

  • 1 To keep your jewelry looking new and shiny, keep it dry and store in an air tight / sealed bag when not in use to limit exposure to oxygen.
  • 2 A polishing cloth is the simplest way of cleaning jewelry. Polishing cloths contains special chemicals that bring shine to your jewelry. Polishing cloths do not damage metal.
  • 3If in need of serious cleaning such as an ultrasonic solution, we recommend you use professional services because of risks such as dissolving the glue between stones/gems and the metal.
  • 4Do not dip different metals in washing solutions together to avoid adverse chemical reactions.
  • 5Be careful when buying jewelry cleaning solutions. Some products on the market are counterfeit and may damage your jewelry.
  • 6Do not use toothbrushes or newspapers to clean your jewelry as this may result in permanent damage such as scratches. Damage devalues your jewelry.
  • 7Do not put silver jewelry in contact with soaps containing sulfur and phosphate. The two turn silver jewelry brown.